Modelling & Promos

The fluffiest model you ever did see...
How it works

Rome is able to do modelling, advertising, and promotional jobs. With his beautiful blue eyes, rare colouring and lustrous locks he really stands out from the crowd (despite being the smallest person in said crowd). Whether it's creating a buzz around your brand or upping the cute factor to a campaign, Rome will be able to help you achieve the desired effect. 


Rome can be taken to your location and the session can take place in an outdoor space, or alternatively, in a suitable indoor space. He is fully house-trained and can wear mini equestrian footwear to protect both his feet and your flooring.

He is very well-behaved, relaxed and willing to try new things, but please discuss requirements with his human in advance. He has a trick portfolio but is also able to learn more tricks depending on what you'd like him to do!

He's always happy to be dressed up, as long as it is 100% mini-horse-friendly and comfortable.



Prices vary, depending on your specific requirements. Please email us at: to enquire and book.

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